Accel World

So recently I’ve been watching and anime called Accel World. It’s on Hulu every friday, it is English Subbed.

What I Liked

What I like about this anime is that I can kind of relate to the main character. I may not be fat or get bullied. But like almost every other teen in this world I’m trying to find a getaway from this world and want to find a place where I belong. Also the fact that the show is based in the future is something i liked. And the reason the future thing caught my eye was the Technology.


*Minor Spoiler Maybe?*

So this show takes place in the future, In the year 2046, and the main character Haruyuki Arita is a fat highschool student. Now you can probably see what this is heading towards this Kid gets bullied and well the way he gets away from all of it is through Video Games. Now these games arent just any normal games. They have these i’d say devices around there neck(not really a collar) but they are like a computer and everything is holographic and its just really cool. So they way he gets away from his troubled life is through Virtual Reality Gaming where he believes its the only place he can be himself and be normal.

*Spoiler done*

So basically they worked really hard on the story and it flowed REALLY good. I’m already caught up. This show is on Hulu, New episodes are up every Friday and they wont disappoint you. Though they have a lot of cliff hangers when your waiting for the next episode.

What I Hated

Honestly i didn’t find anything wrong with this series, its something i’m gonna keep watching till the end. So what are you waiting for go ahead and watch it here and tell me what you thought about it.


This is what’s going down

So here i’m going to be Reviewing stuff like Games, Movies, Places, Anime and everything in between. So basically i’m going to review things that I recently watched, played, or did and i’m just going to say what i thought and how i felt about it.

So i don’t really care if this  blog gets popular or not i’m just trying something new to get my mind off of things and go to my own world where i can be who i want to be.